American Youxia CD (Clean)


Available Now!  Standard CD containing clean versions of the following tracks:

  • Track 2  – This is My Life
  • Track 3 –  A Story of a Boy and a Girl
  • Track 4 –  What About Me

“American Youxia” (pronounced Yoo-sha) is Billie Stevens’ first solo record and it is a Rock Record…

Honest, guitar-driven rock with a great energy spanning a range of moods. Punchy riffs underscore the creative lyrics sprinkled throughout the entire album that travels from punk to rock anthem to acoustic, all in support of an underlying story that gels the entire album together.

Billie’s lyrics are clever and original, and his vocals range from punk rage, to heartfelt longing, to contemplative wonder without being screamo or whiny. His guitars are a face-melting flamethrower or an angelic melody, depending on his mood, and there is no denying his expertise in his craft.

With themes and vocal styles that are similar throughout, each song has a different nature. It’s not 9 songs of the same stuff like other albums. Each song has a distinct character and mood that contributes to the work as a whole. Listen to the album in track order to get that full story, and then play your favorites a gazillion times in a row because some of them will make you do that.


***NOTE:  8-page CD booklet NOT AVAILABLE for this product**  This will ship within 1-3 business days from when order is placed.



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