Video Shoot – “…Boy and a Girl” – SUCCESS!!

The filming for “A Story of a Boy and A Girl” – it’s a wrap!!

Earlier this week, after months of planning, traveling to multiple locations, and seeing old friends and making new ones, the last scene was shot Wednesday night after days of filming.  Billie’s vision of this kick-ass song was translated into a awesome visual story of 2 lovers on a crime spree as reflected in the lyrics  “She thinks we’re Romeo and Juliet….I say we’re Mickey and Malory – Nitro and TNT.”

Thanks to all those who supported us!  You know who you are and we’re ever grateful to the Director, Actor and Actress, family and all the extras that came out to support us!!

Video due out by the end of the year on YouTube.  Look out for notifications and join the fan club to have exlusive sneak peak!!!