Billie in a shoot for Roccaforte Amps


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I have realized that between touring, producing records, and being a dad… I hadn’t had enough contact or communication with so many of my friends and/or fans (and I can only do so much on Facebook).

Also, I have come to find that depending on who I may be playing with, I am limited as to what music I can release as a band member.  With this, my opinions and music are often taken as that of the group I am affiliated with.  Now I do enjoy who I choose to work with and what I choose to do BUT, there is and has always been a lot more to me than that.


THE SOLUTION…   My own piece of the virtual world!!!


This site will allow me to connect regularly, as an Artist,  without the restrictions placed upon me by my obligations as a contracted recording artist.

I will not be tied to a specific music genre, or even formula or business model for that matter.  It’s about creating and discussing EVERYTHING.

  • I want to write/record songs in whichever style with whatever lyrical content I feel I want to express
  • Post them for friends and fans to download and listen to
  • Blog about topics that are independent from anyone/everyone else’s opinion
  • Post all the photos I want without the approval of a label or creative consultant
  • Make my own videos from backstage or hotel rooms shot with a camera-phone to mini-movies
  • Here’s where I get to do it ALL!!!


Unfortunately, all of this does come with an expense…and in order to mitigate those costs, I have decided to make this a “Paid Membership” site.  Your paid membership helps:

  • Keep things running smoothly by paying an IT/Web guy
  • Afford updates to stay current with audio/video players (Widgets and Gadgets) that support mobile devices/new technology
  • Help with hosting costs
  • Limit the users of this site to people who are truly interested in being here (haters don’t pay)



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